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It plays fun games that get kids moving! In both single-player and multi-player mode, the games require players to be physically and socially active. Players choose their game and difficulty level. It senses and responds to their every move and makes the games unpredictable and exciting. Kids work up a sweat, have fun and come back for more.

Kids can get their recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise without even realizing they're "working out." This is a showcase product for every facility! Bee Interactive encourages physical activity, confidence, cooperation and skill-building, all in a non-threatening environment that focuses on fun. Kids love to play. It's what makes them kids. The Play systems have hit on the right formula that gets kids excited and keeps them coming back for more. The Bee I Play Floor and Wall are made up of individual interactive tiles that can detect the location and force of participants or objects, making each game unique and tailored to the player's skill level.
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